How to Live the Good Life Even When You’re Broke

Are you broke living pay check to pay check? Are you crippled by debt and worried about when you’ll ever get out? Do you need financial help now? Most of us have some form of credit card debt from school, medical expenses, or because we just plain wanted something we couldn’t afford. The path to wealth is riddled with confusion and slow lane doctrines. Slow lane strategies like getting a good job and having a degree from a university are the basic wealth formula for those living in most places these days. Unfortunately, these suggestions to build money are more for creating a way to make a living, not reap the profits of a fortune.

What Do You Need to Be Wealthy?

Despite what most people think you don’t need millions to retire. When a person sits down and carefully examines their net worth, how much money they make, and how much they need to pay their expenses each month they find that they don’t need as much as they thought they did. Most people who need financial help now, are unaware of how much money they need to cover their basic expenses. Creating a budget that addresses every bill you need to cover each month will do wonders for your expense tracking. You must become aware of the following things in order to build real wealth:

need financial help now

·    Cut out the things that you know you don’t really need like old memberships you no longer use. (Just by auditing your expenses you stand to save a good chunk of change.)

·    Know exactly why you want to be more wealthy, and how you are going to use the money. Be as specific as you can be!

·    Read as many books as possible on the subject of money. Attend courses, seminars, conferences etc.

·    Ask for help. If you’re here you obviously need a better strategy than what’s working for you currently. Embrace the process and enjoy being a student of wealth.

How to Live the Good Life

When it comes to your money, you need to be the one to take responsibility for every purchase you make from now on. It’s not about being a miserly spend thrift or hoarding wealth, but rather about switching your mindset from that of a consumer to that of an investor.